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Project Lifestyle 101

Where Stress and Anxiety gives way to Abundance and Freedom

What Is Your Ideal Lifestyle?

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Project Lifestyle 101 is here to provide simple, practical ideas on how you can design and live your ideal lifestyle.

Building your ideal lifestyle is a project for life, one that never truly ends.  It requires you to firstly know what that perfect lifestyle means to you.  Not only is this different for everyone, but it will change through-out the stages of our lives.

Achieving your perfect lifestyle is a journey – a holistic approach across your Mindset, Health, Relationships & Wealth.

And if you’re up for the challenge, it will often be found along the path that is least travelled….

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Hi, I’m Steve…

Over the years I have watched people strive for success, with a number of them actually achieving it.  However, it was nearly always in only one area of their life.  They may have achieved the income they were chasing, at the expense of time with their family.

I came to understand that true happiness comes from having all areas of your life in balance.  While the hard work can never be avoided, it needs to come with a high dose of love and laughter.

I started Project Lifestyle 101 to share the things I have learnt (and continue to learn), building my own ideal lifestyle.  Here, you will find ideas and practical tips from me and my mentors to hopefully assist you in finding your ideal lifestyle.

Steve @ Project Lifestyle