Let’s Talk About Lifestyle…

So What Is Your Perfect Lifestyle?

Project Lifestyle 101 is here to provide simple, practical ideas on how you can design and live your ideal lifestyle.

Building your ideal lifestyle is a project for life, one that never truly ends.  It requires you to firstly know what that perfect lifestyle means to you.  Not only is this different for everyone, but it will change through-out the stages of our lives.

We share tips and ideas how you can put together the pieces to create a well balanced lifestyle – a holistic approach across the areas of Mindset, Health, Relationships & Wealth.

Achieving your perfect lifestyle is a journey, and if you’re up for the challenge, it will often be found along the path that is least travelled….

A Balanced Lifestyle is where Stress and Anxiety disappear

and Freedom and Abundance Begins


“We become what we think about”.

We must learn to control our thinking.  To achieve your ideal lifestyle you will need to work on your mindset the most.

Once your mindset changes everything on the outside will change too.  And just like your health, you need to exercise it everyday.

Be prepared to work harder at this than anything else.


Learn to completely open with and nurture  those around you.  By helping those around you grow, you too will become the best version of yourself.

Building the right relationships around you will give you the courage and motivation to achieve your ideal lifestyle.

Your relationships will be your shelter when times are tough, and your strength to become your best self.


We have one life to live, and it is all too short.

We may never have a true understanding of what our health is worth until we’ve lost it.

No amount of money can make a difference if you have neglected your health.

Being the best you is all about feeling good and having the energy to build your ideal lifestyle.


Our financial situation is often the biggest cause of stress and impacts all areas of our life. 

Creating financial freedom opens up the possibility of achieving your ideal lifestyle.

Financial freedom flows when your source of income comes from something you love, and compliments the other areas of your life.

Hi, I’m Steve…

Throughout my career I have watched people strive for success, with a number of them actually achieving it.  However, it was nearly always in only one area of their life.  They may have achieved the income they were chasing, at the expense of time with their family.

I came to understand that true happiness comes from having all areas of your life in balance.  While the hard work can never be avoided, it needs to come with a high dose of laughter.

I started Project Lifestyle 101 to share the things I have learnt (and continue to learn), building my own ideal lifestyle.  Here, you will find ideas and practical tips from me and my mentors to hopefully assist you in finding your ideal lifestyle.

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