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Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve!

~ Napoleon Hill ~

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How to Retire Early at 50

How to Retire Early
Want to retire early at 50 or less? Here I share the ‘wealth puzzle’ pieces that helped us create our investment portfolio to fund our early retirement.
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How to Survive the Tough Times

Surviving the Tough Times
How do you survive the tough times? My best answer is to remember the saying “This Too Shall Pass!”.  A simple, yet powerful proverb wrapped up 4 short words.
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Five Reasons To Keep A Journal

Reasons to keep a Journal
Five reasons to keep a Journal. If you are truly serious about building a better lifestyle, keeping a journal is the biggest change you can make.
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Focus on the Things That Matter

Focus on Things That Matter

How many of us realise what is most important is already right in front of us? So while we are distracted chasing a career or that promotion we were promised, we are sacrificing time with our families – time that we will never get back. We simply neglect to focus…

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