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What really makes Project Lifestyle 101 different is that we understand that people’s lives are busy.  Building a business beside an existing job or business can be challenging and exhausting.  Therefore, it is important to have a clear path with simple steps to follow and a business system that creates results while you learn. 

So How Does It All Work Then?

We live in a digital world where pretty much everything can be automated.  Yet almost all people still trade their time for money, instead of earning an income in a digital, automated way.

We work closely with The Six Figure Mentors, which is a unique academy established by Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek to help people of all ages and all walks of life to transition into the digital economy.

The curriculum, tools, mentors and community on offer are all carefully designed to help people achieve their goals in a digital, online business.

Whether the aim is to gain personal financial and time freedom, or to accelerate your business growth, the Six Figure Mentors can make a significant difference to your success.

Meet Stuart Ross – Co-founder of the Six Figure Mentors

*Individual results will vary. Please read our full Disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

Simple Steps to Follow

Step 1: Your Success Blueprint

Education & Resources

We work with The Six Figure Mentors (SFM) as consultants to help people create a digital lifestyle for themselves.  SFM is an educational organisation that provides individuals and small businesses a step-by-step digital marketing program created to streamline the process of starting a business in today’s internet economy.  SFM’s academic and mentoring programs were developed to help students recognise and pursue their individual talents and passions, in order to create their ideal business.  Students learn how to become financially self-sufficient through academics and a trusted body of coaches, support specialists and mentors, who are the foundation of the Academy, and offer hands-on support in a virtual world.   Learn more.

Step 2: Your Income Streams

SFM Re-seller Program – Earn While You Learn

If you do not have your own product to market online, SFM gives you a professional business system, where you can start to practice your new skills, so you can start to create income streams in the form of sales commissions, without having to do the selling.  When you go through SFM’s affiliate training modules, you can immediately start to market SFM’s websites with a marketing funnel where they offer various products.  The SFM has a wide range of educational products for you to be able to market, from low cost entry level products to high ticket online business mentorship packages more suitable for existing small business owners.  Learn more about the business system.

E-commerce Program

SFM offers a complete program to help you launch your first e-commerce store.  This may with a platform such as Amazon FBA or EBay, or your own online shop.  The SFM mentors can work with you to scale your e-commerce business including building value in your own online brand.

Get Started Immediately

The SFM has been designed to help new online entrepreneurs to get started quickly and easily, without any prior knowledge or experience necessary.
The comprehensive range of online courses, tutorials and community provides all the knowledge that you will need to get started.  Furthermore, the SFM system provides you with all of the tools to get started quickly, including websites, landing pages, sales funnels and more.

No Prior Experience Required

Learn all you need to know about online marketing, no experience necessary.

Full Community Support

Join an incredible online community of like-minded individuals, passionate about helping each other succeed.

Everything You Need

Get the tools you need to build your online business from scratch.

Earn While You Learn

Earn large commissions on high value products provided in the system.*

*Individual results will vary. Please read our full Disclaimer at the bottom of this page.


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*DISCLAIMER - What sets us apart from other online business opportunities is our world class system and methods, as well as our integrity - so we want you to know exactly where you stand.  Note that individual results will vary.  No results are guaranteed with the help of our training and business systems.  All the products and services we provide are for educational and information purposes only.  While our member testimonials of success are verifiable, this does not mean you will get the same results.  There are those who will not earn any money at all with our program, because individual results will depend on your determination, hard work, and ability to follow directions.

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